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A companion app for Trimble SketchUp

Less toolbars, Optimized workflow

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View Controls

Change between common views, switch rendering style, and turn on or off hidden geometry in a few clicks.

Drawing Tools

SketchUp's native drawing tools available without the toolbars. Great for a pen or tablet where keyboard access might not be ideal.

Global texture palette

Create a global recolorable texture palette for use across all your SketchUp files.

Natural texture recoloring

Recolor your textures in 2 clicks with greatly improved color shifting compared to SketchUp native recoloring.

Installing Ghost Menu


  • Open the DMG and drag the GhostMenu App to your applications folder
  • Install the GhostMenu extension into SketchUp
  • You should be good to go!


  • Run the GhostMenu exe file to install the app
  • Install the GhostMenu extension into SketchUp
  • You should be good to go!

Using Ghost Menu


Right under your mouse


Change Tab

Or color palettes



Takes you back to SketchUp


Add Texture

Click on a blank square in the material tab (cube icon) in GhostMenu to store your current active material.

Remove Texture

It won't be offended

Right Click
on texture

Custom Shortcut

In SketchUp preferences dialog.

Search for GhostMenu, and add a keyboard shortcut for "Keyboard shortcut - To launch tool palette".

The global shortcut will be deactivated on first use.

Close (Quit)

Just leave it running in the background until next time.

OR if you feel the need just click on the GhostMenu icon in your Status bar or Taskbar and choose 'close application'.


Zombie Ghost

The GhostMenu app is not running.

Press 'Make it work' to launch it.

If it still doesn't work, make sure GhostMenu is installed into the default location.

Fix Custom Shortcuts

If you set a SketchUp Shortcut and would like to go back to the global shortcut as defined in GhostMenu.

  • Remove the Shortcut from SketchUp preferences
  • Open the GhostMenu App, and go to the Settings tab
  • Press the 'Reactivate global shortcut' button

Or turn off the global shortcut in the same place.

Copyright 2020 Doug Ollivier

GhostMenu™ is a trademark of Doug Ollivier. GhostMenu has no affiliation to SketchUp or Trimble Inc.